Manuel Neuer und Angelique Kerber wissen genau, was was die Haut vor und nach dem Training braucht

That's us!

When we do something, we do it right from the start. Together as a team. With a clear goal in mind and always with the protection of our environment in mind.


Our philosophy

newkee stands for a new chapter in essential body care. For a new key to protect the skin reliably and in a natural way. This makes newkee the perfect choice for people with an active lifestyle who, with the help of our small, numbered and climate-neutral unisex care range, can make their daily care routine even easier – without compromise and with a clear conscience.

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Angelique Kerber und Manuel Neuer im Gespräch über die neue Hautpflege ihrer Marke newkee

Our mission

Live more consciously. Act more mindfully. Only together can we live up to our ecological and social responsibility. newkee strengthens this commitment in the area of body care. By using only essential, natural and vegan ingredients with maximum skin compatibility for our care products. We also save 40% plastic in all our tubes.

Das Team hinter newkee: Manuel Neuer und Angelique Kerber mit den Experten von paediprotect

Our Team

Alone you are strong, in a team you are unbeatable. We are delighted to have PAEDIPROTECT, Germany's leading manufacturer of children's care products, on board to transfer the usual high standards in children's care to the adult sector. The result: vegan, fragrance- and microplastic-free unisex care products with maximum skin compatibility.


Our responsibility

For us, sustainable action is not simply lip service. Rather, protecting our environment is a natural part of our DNA. For example, we use 50% thinner tubes and thus save up to 40% plastic compared to conventional care products. In addition, our packaging materials are 100% recyclable because both the cap and the tube are made of an identical mono-material. This means that the waste can easily be disposed of as plastic waste in the yellow bin and returned directly to the recycling loop.